Professional company for research services with protein microarray.

GeneOnBioTech is the only Korean professional company for research services with protein microarray.

Also registered on Korea Health Industry Development Institute as biomedical preclininal CRO research service.

We are successfully carrying out research tasks and startup tasks from Ministry of SMEs and Startups and increasing our expertise.

Recognized expertise




Our research cooperations-

We have about 60 extensive user references in Korea.

Industry : Various pharmaceutical companies, new drug venture companies, etc.

Academy : Seoul National University, Yonsei University and KAIST, etc.

Institution : Korea Research institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, etc.

Expert cooperation network

We are securing the highest level of R&D and service level through research cooperation with world-class research teams in the field of protein microarray.

Research cooperation agency :
U.S.A – Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
China – 上海交通大学 上海系统生物医学研究中心(Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine)


– GO LAMPage™ COVID19: Corona 19 (COVID-19) diagnostic solution

– Protein chip: human protein chip, tuberculosis bacteria protein chip, lectin array, etc.

– Various research services related to new drug development: One-Stop from target selection to development and pre-clinical!

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