Purpose of Development

Gene On Biotech strives to provide an on-site molecular diagnosis platform that can respond to various infectious diseases that occur frequently.

Molecular diagnosis currently requires various expensive medical devices and expertise.

This has a clear limit in responding to an epidemic that is damaging many people in many areas in an instant.

So, Gene On Biotech has developed GO LAMPage.

GO LAMPage Device

Unlike RT-qPCR, which requires dynamic and detailed temperature control, GO LAMPage requires a simple isothermal state.

This can be done with much less expensive equipment, allowing you to build diagnostic facilities in more places.

GO LAMPage Reagent

GO LAMPage is a rapid molecular diagnosis platform that uses LAMP (Loop-mediated isothermal amplification) technology to visually or UV-check the results, and performs DNA or RNA extraction to amplification in a total of 35 minutes.

This not only greatly increases the number of people that can be inspected per hour, but also makes it easy to check the experimental process and results, so even non-professionals can use it in the event of an infectious disease, enabling active response to infectious diseases.


Confirmed to move into Gwangmyeong Medical Complex and GMP production facility planned.

Clinical trial at Atma Jaya University in Indonesia and Chungnam University Medical School in Korea.

GO LAMPage Reagent

LAMP-dedicated medical device through isothermal temperature control
Transparent Heating Block,
UV-LED, UV-Filter

Molecular diagnostic reagent that performs from extraction to amplification of genetic material within 35 min and confirms it with the naked eye or UV

GO LAMPage 4 step process
GO LAMPage Device and Reagent