GO LAMPage Process

GO LAMPage Molecular Diagnosis Kit.

GO LAMPage Molecular Diagnosis Kit. takes 35 minutes from sample collection to result confirmation.


Kit Contents

● Sterile cotton swabs: Sample Collection

● Single Tube(Clear): Virus RNA Preparation

● Twin Tube(Pink): RNA/Covid-19 Test

● Micro-tips


Step 1. Sampling

1-1. Rinse the mouth with clean water prior to the sample collection.
1-2. Take out the included sterile cotton swab, put it in your mouth, and rub it against    the pharyngeal tonsil for at least 10 seconds.
1-3. Remove the cotton swab from your mouth, put it in the reagent in the single tube,   and turn it for 10 seconds or more.


Step 2. RNA Purification

2-1. Store a single tube containing samples and reagents at 95℃ for 10 minutes. The   purification of the sample is complete with this operation. However, please be    careful as the sample is very hot.


Step 3. RT-LAMP Reaction

3-1. Put the enclosed two micro-tips in a single tube and turn it for 3 seconds or more.   After that, insert the micro-tip into each tube of the twin tube and turn it for at least   3 seconds. At this time, you must put one micro-tip in one tube.

3-2. Store the twin tubes containing RNA and reagents at 65℃ for 30 minutes. At this   time, if this process is continued for more than 40 minutes, a false positive result   may occur and the result is unreliable.

Step 4. Check the result

4-1. Check the results with color change. The left is the RNA purification result, and the right is the detection result of COVID-19.

Red/Red : No sample or RNA is not purified.
Yellow/Red : RNA is purified and no Covid 19 virus.
Yellow/Yellow: RNA is purified and there is Covid 19 virus.
Red/Yellow: Check the orientation of Twin tubes. If it is right, do the test again.