Human Protein Microarray

Accumulate over 21,000 Full-length Human Proteins

Over 21,000 human proteins, 80% of whole human protein

on a genetic basis, are planted in human protein microarray

of GeneOnBioTech.

Protein included in Huprot

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Application field by sample type

○ Antibody sample(Antibody drug, Biosimilar, etc.) :

– Antibody Specificity & Cross-reactivity Test

– Biosimilar-Original drug equivalence comparative test

○ Protein sample :

– Protein-Protein Interactions test

○ Human serum :

– Antibody profiling : Disease specific immune reactivity study

– Autoimmune disease study, drug reactivity test, ect.

○ Small molecular material :

– Instruction of Human protein interactome such as DNA, RNA, peptide, chemicals.

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