95 type of various lectins are accumulated on microarray. Lectin proteins, which are bound with cell or sample, are identified in one experiment.

As newly emerging biology research field, Glycobiology is research about bio-roles and functions of carbohydrates and sugars which are used as biological cognitive marker. Lectin, Proteins binding with carbohydrates and sugars, are used to research Glycosylation.

Lectin type accumulated on microarray

AAA, AAL, ABA, ABL, ACG, ACL, AMA, ASA, BanLec, BC2L-A, BC2LCN, BPA, CA, CAA, Calsepa, CGL2, CNL, Con A, CPA, CSA, DBA, Discoidin I, Discoidin II, DSA, ECA, EEL, F17AG, Gal1, Gal1-S, Gal2, Gal3, Gal3C-S, Gal7-S, Gal9, GHA, GNA, GRFT, GS-I, GS-II, HAA, HHA, HMA, IRA, Jacalin, LAL, LBA, LCA, LEA, Lentil, Lotus, LPA, LSL-N, MAA, Malectin, MNA-G, MNA-M, MOA, MPL, NPA, Orysata, PA-IIL, PA-IL, PALa, PHA-E, PHA-L, PHA-P, PNA, PPL, PSA, PSL1a, PTL-1, PTL-2, PWA, RCA-120, RCA-60, RPA, RS-Fuc, SAMB, SBA, SHA, SJA, SNA-I, SNA-II, SSA, STL, TL, UDA, UEA-I, UEA-II, VFA, VRA, VVA, VVA-M, WFA, WGA

Product Features

· High sensitivity and specificity

· Low sample volume (10-100 µl per array)

· Large dynamic range of detection

· Compatible with most sample types

· Test 12 samples on each slide

· Suitable for high-throughput assays

Assay Format