M. Tuberculosis Protein Microarray

Accumulate over 4,200 Full-length M. Tuberculosis Protein

Over 4,200 M. Tuberculosis proteins, 95% of whole M.Tuberculosis protein on a genetic basis, are planted in M. Tuberculosis Protein Microarray of GeneOnBioTech.

Proteins on microarray are Full-length.

According to WHO, currently 1/3 of world’s population is tuberculosis carriers, It is known that more than one million people get tuberculosis each year.

Also as the drug resistance of tuberculosis is getting stronger, the mortality is also rising.

Now we need new research method for the eradication of tuberculosis.

Protein list accumulated on M.Tuberculosis Protein Microarray

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Applicant – R&D

○ Antibody Development :

antigen identification, specificity validation, application optimization

○ Protein-Protein Interactions :

– infection, immunity and resistance mechanisms, construction of signaling pathways

○ Protein-small molecule interactions :

signal regulation; drug target screening

○ Protein-nucleic acid interactions :

– gene regulation / protein function

○ Protein-lipid interactions :

– infection, drug resistance and other mechanisms, regulation of lipid metabolism

○ Protein microarray-based enzymology research :

– protein function, signal regulation

Applicant – Clinical research

○ Antibody biomarker discovery about M.Tuberculosis

○ Human immune reactivity research about M.Tuberculosis