Gene On Peptide array : < 200,000 peptides of < 15-amino acids

GeneOnBioTech offer world-best

peptide array research service.

15 Amino acids are planted on peptide arrays. With this chip, Amino acids bound with protein, drugs or samples can be quickly and accurately identified. Apply maximum 200,000 type of peptides planted peptide array to your research.

World’s largest peptide contents : 200,000

○ Unnatural amino acids realization

○ Linear or circular peptide Selectable

HIGH-THROUGHPUT : 200,000 type customized library

High cost-effective broad research through 200,000 type peptide planted Ultra-small substrate (75mm X 25mm).

Gene On Peptide array : < 200,000 peptides of < 15 amino acids

에피토프 분석 예: YPYDVPDYA, Human influenza hemagglutinin

Unnatural amino acid realization

So far, unnatural form amino acid based drug discovery is more like a blue ocean as unnatural form amino acid is hard to be realized.

Start a new discovery that hasn’t existed in the world with peptide array that can be implemented in various structural elements.

Choose : Linear form or circular form

Choose peptide types according to the purpose of the study.
In addition to the commonly used linear form, you can also select the circular form.