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Research service using innovative microarray technology

Basic research

Confirmation of expression of multiple proteins

Antibody chip

Are you still doing Western and ELISA?
Now check the expression of up to
8,000 proteins in a single experiment.


Western way

Check the expression of up to 8,000 proteins at once

ELISA method

Check the expression and
quantification of 300 proteins at once

necessary period

About 1 month

Applied research

Protein-protein binding

Protein chips

Verify antibodies and check
protein-to-protein binding networks with
21,000 human protein chips.


Contains more than 90% of total human protein

sample type

Antibody / Protein / Serum / Chemical

necessary period

About 2 weeks

New drug development

Epitope mapping

Peptide Chip

By containing all possible antigen epitopes on
a single chip, research efficiency can be
greatly increased.


All linear / conformational
Epitopes calculation

Up to 180,000 spots
implemented with each peptide

3D structural analysis using AI for identified epitopes

necessary period

About 8 weeks

A company that works with GENE ON BIOTECH

GENE ON’s special customized research service

Save research costs and time by utilizing the
rich experience and know-how of new drug development experts!

Confirmation of
protein expression per one sample

(8,000 western blot results)

배경 동그라미

Confirmation of
protein binding per one sample

(Contains more than 90% of total human protein)

배경 동그라미

Confirmation of
peptide binding per one sample

(Integration of all linear/conformational
epitopes of the antigen)

배경 동그라미

Protein expression analysis service

Check the expression of tens to
thousands of proteins in a sample at once

Available samples: Cells, Stem Cells, Culture Medium, Serum, Plasma

  • Antibody Arrays: Number of proteins whose expression can be confirmed
  • Western L-Series: 182 to 8,000
  • Angiogenesis: 10~43
  • Apoptosis: 43
  • Chemokine: 25~308
  • Cytokines: 20~274
  • Growth factor: 40~41
  • Inflammation: 10~40
  • Obesity: 62
  • RTK phosphorylation: 71
  • Stem Cell: 15
  • Th 1/2/3: 18~3

Protein binding analysis service

Identify binding networks in a sample of 21,000 human proteins

Available samples: Antibody, Protein, Chemical, Serum, Plasma

  • Antibody specificity and cross-reaction studies
  • Equivalence study of biosimilars
  • Serum profiling studies
  • Protein-protein binding studies
  • Chemical – protein binding research

AbSolute™ epitope mapping

All epitopes of an antigen on one chip!

  • All epitopes of an antigen can be analyzed on one chip.
    We manufacture antigen customized chips, Linear + Conformational epitopes and
    Analyze the structure of antigens and epitopes using AlphaFold 2.
    Through this, you can check the conformational structures that are separated from each other or in general.
    Even difficult loop structures can be checked. In case of multiple types of samples,
    You can also check the relative binding affinity of antigen binding for each antibody.
  • Epitope mapping identifies the antibody binding site (epitope) for the target antigen.
    It will. Epitope, which provides information on the specific amino acid sequence to which an antibody binds
    Mapping is for the development and preemption of rights to monoclonal antibodies (mAb) for diagnosis and treatment.
    It is essential to secure rights.

Research Service Process

step 1

Research planning

If you contact GENE ON BIOTECH
about the item you wish to
experiment with, the researcher in
charge will proceed with
the research plan.

step 2

Sample preparation

Perform sample preprocessing (biotinylation, etc.) and
other tasks to proceed with the experiment.

step 3

Main experiment and analysis

Results obtained after experiments
corresponding to the research
(antibody chip, protein chip,
epitope mapping) Analyze.

step 4

Report writing

We will compile the analyzed data into
a report and send it to you
within the deadline.

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